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Hiking Trail Maps

Use maps of trails, elevation, natural features, etc. to plan your hike and avoid getting lost while you’re out there. Check map coverage of your area with the live app preview on this page.

  • Details like trail difficulty, elevation, and viewpoints are great for planning your hike or improvising a different route
  • Offline maps let you use the app without a cell signal by downloading map regions before your hike.
  • Includes more than 4 million hiking and walking trails around the world
  • Updated weekly with the latest trail changes contributed by a global community of mappers

Safety Notification

If something goes wrong on your hike, Root & Branch can notify an emergency contact with your track and last known position — even if you go outside of cell service!

Before starting your hike, you can choose an emergency contact and how long you expect to be hiking. Most likely, you’ll simply have a great hike and end up with a record of your path that you can share with friends or export as a GPX file. But if you do happen to get unexpectedly injured or caught in changing weather and stay out beyond your plan, your emergency contact will receive an email with your route and last known position. Even if you’re outside of cell service, the notification will still be sent and will include your path up to the point where you lost service.